Benefits of Partnering with ProVerus

Check out our growing list of services and see how ProVerus can help you take your practice to the next level.


Join a strong network of dental practices and add decades of dental experience to your team.


We employ the latest dental technology at all of our practices and can help you do the same.


The systems and processes we implement will add a wealth of value to your practice.


Working with ProVerus can save you time and money by automating processes and utilizing bulk discounts on supplies.

General Management

We take care of general overhead management so you can focus on your practice and your patients.

Continuing Education

Take advantage of our growing educational resources to keep your doctors and staff sharp.

Supply and Lab Cost Management

You save time and money when working with a team. We’ve got the hookups to benefit all our partners.

Strategic Marketing

Branding and marketing are important in any industry. We’ll market your practice effectively and keep costs low.

Human Resources

Manage your team effectively by benefitting from our streamlined H.R. systems and processes.


Payroll can be a huge headache for any business but not when it’s already taken care of through ProVerus.

Bookkeeping and Accounting

Keep your practice’s books nice and tidy with our dedicated management-level accounting

Accounts Receivable

We love ensuring that all our practices maintain healthy accounts receivable and timely cash collection.

Information Technology

Don’t fall behind as technology is growing within the dental industry. We’ll keep you on the cutting edge.