Digital Dentistry: Advanced Restorative and Digital Dentures


Online Course


Seminar overview

Digital Prosthetic Dentistry is an an advanced course in prosthetic digital dentistry.  You will learn how to incorporate into your practice digital dentures, waxups and snap-on smile designs for emotional buy-in.  This is a hands-on course working on computers in BlueSkyBio Software, and designing dental prosthetics.

1. Digital waxups AND CASE PLANNING

Blue sky bio crown and bridge module
Implant Immediate Provisionals
Dental photography
3d Face Scanning
Intraoral Scanning for vertical dimension increase
Using blue sky bio for FREE smile design
Injection Composite Rehabs for full mouth staging
Creating printed Shell temps

2. Snap on Smile for Emotional Buy-in

Learn how to use BlueSkyBio Software to quickly do a digital wax-up
Learn advanced meshmixer functions

Learn how to print restorations and incorporating custom staining and glazing

3. Digital Dentures

Types of printable dentures
Denture data acquisition
Denture design
Denture printing and materials
Using a desktop scanner
Using digital for final denture fabrication

Meet your instructors

Dr. Ross and Dr. Borisov are always willing to learn something new to help their patients with more predictable outcomes.  They and their patients sleep better because of it.  They’ve spent countless hours learning what it takes to really transform a practice digitally and have done it quite successfully.  They not only use these methods in their practice every day, they’ve grown the practice to over $3 million in revenue and continue to grow.

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