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Jared Pope - Dentist in Arizona

Hi, I’m Jared Pope. I grew up in Sandy, Utah. My father and grandfather are dentists and my mother is a dental hygienist so I’ve spent lots of time at the dentist’s office! Their examples have definitely played a big part in my becoming a dentist.  I live in Chandler with my wonderful wife Lynda, and our two daughters, Eden and Maiya. I love to spend time with my family. We enjoy the outdoors. We are avid hikers, mountain bikers, and skiers. You can often find us out on the sand dunes, or hiking the Grand Canyon.

I have been practicing dentistry for since 2001. I am passionate about education and providing the very best treatment for patients. I am a big believer in prevention, health care, and dentistry has to do better job of educating patients and employing methods of preventing disease, whether it be diabetes or periodontal disease. I now practice dentistry part time and am actively involved in mentoring other dentists and educating staff. I love partnering with other great dentists around the country and growing our dental family to better serve all of our patients nationwide.  I started ProVerus Management because I believe in applying systems that provide real results, not just ideas.

ProVerus Dental Management

Dana Sexton

General Manager

I am from Michigan but have called Florida, California, and Arizona home as well.  I currently reside in Michigan with my two boys.  Thanks to technology, I am able to oversee operations remotely and connect with staff daily.  In my spare time, I like to travel, garden, go camping, crochet, and play games with my family.

I started out my career in banking where I was in the top 5% for sales in 3 states.  I transitioned to dentistry in 2003.  The transition was fairly natural for me since I have been obsessed with a nice smile for as long as I can remember, and I love when we can help a patient feel confident about their smile.

I started working with Dr. Pope in 2007 when he had just 2 practices, and have been a part of ProVerus from the beginning.  As the general manager for ProVerus, I keep everyone on the same page.  I audit transactions and systems for continuity and accuracy.  I also assist with practice evaluations and acquisitions, office transitions, contracts, and staff training.  Working with Dr. Pope has helped me grow more than I ever thought possible, and every day presents a new challenge along with new rewards.

ProVerus Dental Management

Joy Hein

Arizona Regional Systems Manager

I am a true Arizonian, born and raised. My passion for Dentistry started 13 years ago, when I was inspired by a friend who was in the field. I currently live in Mesa with my two children, Payton and Ryder along with our new puppy Zoey.  In my spare time, you can find me camping, watching movies, scrapbooking or playing Texas holdem poker.

I started Dentistry in 2004 as a Patient Coordinator and, within a short period of time, I knew this was the career for me. I started with Dr. Pope in 2013 as an Office Manager.  Through hard work and dedication, in less than a year, I joined the ProVerus management team and helped grown from 5 offices to 10 offices.  As the Regional System Manager for Arizona, I love working side by side with each and every employee making sure systems are in place and protocol is being followed.

ProVerus Dental Management

Lorie Brewer

Hygiene Education and Training Specialist

I am the Hygiene Education and Training Specialist for ProVerus Management. I am very happily married to my high school best friend. Together, my husband Doug and I have 7 children and 17 grandchildren.

I have practiced as a Hygienist since 1997. During those years, I worked four years in Gilbert. Then, over the following 9 years, I helped build two hygiene departments in ShowLow and Heber Az. From there I started temping in the hygiene departments in the east valley including Maricopa, Casa Grande, Mesa, Queen Creek, Scottsdale and Chandler.

During my years as a hygienist, I’ve developed knowledge along with many ideas of what works best for both dental practices and my individual patients. I took these ideals and made them my own.

I love to take responsibility for my patient’s from the moment they walk into the office until the time their appointment is completed.  I have learned that by putting the patient’s needs first, not only benefits the patient, but the dental practice as well.

ProVerus has given me the opportunity to expand my career growth by doing what I love best by teaching and educating. It is my passion. To me, patient education is the key to bettering a patient’s over all health and well being. I succeed as the patient succeeds. By sharing and coaching my peers, subordinates and team members they succeed as well. When we are all successful, the practice grows and becomes successful as a whole.

Doing what I do has been the best career choice of my life. It has served me and my family well. I still enjoy what I do and am still enjoying the ride.

Loren Smith Photo


Director of marketing

I was born in Utah and moved to Arizona when I was four.  Three of my very best childhood friends became dentists and as a marketer/entrepreneur I became interested in dentistry and how they could grow a business and get more patients.

Since 2012, I’ve worked closely with many local businesses all over the country including lawyers, financial advisors, coaches, contractors and dentists.

I’ve really enjoyed my time working with Proverus because we’re always willing to try new things and get better.  My goal is to help Proverus scale each practice and help more dentists and families along the way.

ProVerus Dental Management

Stephen Hart


I am a Certified Public Account with 30 years experience focusing on small to medium-sized businesses and individuals. I am returning to Phoenix after four years with a leading DC local firm Russell, Evans and Thompson, where I was responsible for the firm’s tax research and communications with the Internal Revenue Service National Office. I was previously associated with the leading local firm in Vancouver Washington,  Frumenti, Lander, and Wallace where I was responsible for tax services to small and medium-sized businesses, high net worth individuals, and the firm’s tax research.

I am considered a national expert on tax deprecation and have consulted with Fortune 500 companies on depreciation and state tax issues. I have focused on partnership, limited liability companies, and Sub Chapter S corporations for most of my career with the goals of minimizing taxes and maximizing value to the owners.

I have two grown children, Ken and Menolly, who both live in Lake Oswego, Oregon.  I am an Oregon State University graduate who stays active in the community with volunteering on various community foundations, and business associations. Lastly, I am an avid golfer and runner who competes in half marathons.

ProVerus Dental Management

Paula McCarty

Executive Assistant

Paula McCarty is Executive Assistant at the Proverus Management in St. Clair, Michigan. The St. Clair County area is a great place for recreational sports such as camping, bike riding, and kayaking, three things she loves doing on her free time.

She has lived in Michigan since age 5 after first living in Ohio, West Virginia and Florida. Paula was adopted into a Presbyterian family of 7. Her childhood pretty much centered on growing up in the church.

“I wouldn’t change those experiences in my youth for anything,” Paula says.

She passes on a lot of her background and solid foundations to her son Jacob, 12, and two daughters, who are 10. Of course, Paula’s two cats Sadie and Mowghli, get two earfuls of training, too! She and her family enjoy spending time with friends and go up north frequently. And when Paula gets some alone time, she enjoys reading books, making jewelry and knitting. But with three kiddos, there doesn’t seem to be enough days to everything done, she said.

Over the years, Paula has had plenty of interesting career positions. She has been an Event Coordinator for Hyundai Motor America North American Auto Shows as well as Manager for the Food Grade Salt Side at McCormick, Inc. in the U.S. and Mexico.

Earlier in life, Paula enrolled in classes at Oakland Community College for a Fine Arts Degree but life got in the way and finishing her degree has been postponed. For now, learning more about the dental world is her primary goal.

ProVerus Dental Management

Robbie Cox

Credentialing and Collections

Robbie Cox is in charge of professional credentialing at all Proverus Management offices, especially the Valencia and Maricopa offices. She also works on insurance claims, collections and payments. She is instrumental on getting insurance companies to make sure they pay out what they are supposed to pay for each claim.

Robbie finds that talking to patients about their insurance claims usually brings out one piece of information that makes or breaks whether the insurance company will pay or not.

Robbie has a B.A. in Accounting and has been working in the field for five years. She more or less walked right into the field of dentistry when her position fell into her lap. She is constantly upgrading her skills via training on the latest technology.

Robbie is from St. Clair, MI, where she grew up with her parents and 3 sisters. Her parents still live nearby, and her family is happy to spend time with them. Robbie met her husband, Doug 24 years ago, and 7 years later, they were married in Florida. They have 3 kids (Caleb, Carley, and Carter) but no pets because “my kids are crazy enough”. Their family loves crafting and going to Disney.

ProVerus Dental Management


Insurance & aging

Wendy Dahlgren is in charge of Insurance Aging reports.

These are reports that give us a snapshot of the money that is outstanding and due by patients or their insurance companies. It also helps identify those that are falling behind on their payments. It’s called insurance aging because the date of the bill is when the services are given, and the days thereafter “age” the bill. Too many unpaid invoices mean a business can end up with not enough cash flow.

My job is to maximize your dental insurance benefits so patients can achieve the smile they want. I joined Dr. Pope’s team in July of 2010 almost 11 years ago!

I was born in Flagstaff and grew up in Glendale. I’m a 3rd generation Arizona native. I love the west valley.

I married my best friend in 2017. I have three grown children and five grandchildren. Only of my grandchildren is a girl and she is a pistol! We are a close family and enjoy doing things together. The grand kids love coming to Grandma Hee Haw’s house , we have a small farm. With a mini horse, pigs, alpacas, emus, approximately 150 chickens, and 15 ducks. We sell our eggs at the farmer’s market. I also have two dogs, Hercules and Bean.


ProVerus Dental Management

Dr. Matthew Ross


Dr. Ross is in charge of helping our doctors serve their patients with the highest level of care.  He grew up in Gilbert, Arizona as the oldest child in a family of six. He loved being part of a larger family and all the excitement that it brought around the house. He grew up loving sports and was active in soccer, basketball, volleyball, track and snowboarding.

He’s also a technology geek and especially loves products made by Apple. He met his wife, Jenn, through a unique story involving her twin sister and one of his best friends. They are now married as well and they all have a blast at family events! They are blessed to have three sons and a daughter whom they love to play with. When not working, they love to travel to the mountains and the lake for some snow and water sports.

Early on he gained an appreciation for the health sciences. Both of his uncles are doctors and had a vital part in his inspiration. Through some minor cosmetic dental work done by his dentist, he realized what a powerful impact a healthy, confident smile can have on your life. He wanted to give back to people in a way that helps them achieve a smile they are proud of. He loves dentistry and believes in the power of a confident smile and in treating all patients as if they were his own family members.

He began his education at Vanguard University in Southern California where he received a bachelors degree in Biology and a minor in Chemistry. He was then accepted into Midwestern University in Glendale, Arizona, where he received his Doctorate of Dental Medicine. He excelled in his clinical skill development at the top of his class and became especially interested in the area of CAD-CAM and cosmetic dentistry. Since graduation, He has furthered his clinical development through continuing education especially in the area of implants, sedation dentistry, endodontics, orthodontics and treating TMD.

Practicing dentistry has become one of his greatest passions. It is a career that he truly loves, and it is a joy to come to work every day. He is blessed to be an owner of a successful dental practice and has a wonderful professional relationship with Dr. Pope. He is constantly striving to make the dental experience more wonderful for each and every patient. It is their goal to provide the highest quality care one can receive in a dental environment. 

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